Eye Protection for Children: Lenses or Glasses?

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Our eyes are hard at work all day long. At your (home) workplace, in traffic, in the classroom and even at home in front of the television in the evening, your eyes are constantly making an effort. Maybe you or your children are experiencing some complaints that you have already linked to the health of your eyes, such as blurred vision or dry and tired eyes. But you can also suffer from fatigue or headaches – complaints that you may not directly link to the health of your eyes.

Children nowadays spend an average of 5 hours a day behind a screen. This can lead to eye complaints that they sometimes keep walking with. A shame, because many complaints can be resolved with a tailor-made vision solution.

Take the free online eye test together with your children

So it’s not a bad idea to have the health of your eyes and that of your children tested regularly. Pearle developed a free online eye test in collaboration with professional opticians . With this you can quickly get an indication of how your or your eye health is doing. The test does not detect any eye abnormalities, but you will quickly get an idea of ​​whether it is smart to visit us for an eye test.

An eye test at the optician will help determine whether your eyes may have difficulty seeing far or close – or perhaps both. Always have this done by a licensed optician or optometrist: after all, it is about your eyes and those of your children. By the way, you can go to the optician with your children from the moment they are 12 years old. If your children are between 8 and 12, you can go to an optometrist , under 8 you can go to the ophthalmologist. Pearle Opticiens has almost 60 years of experience with eye measurements. If the online eye test shows that it is smart to come by for an eye test, then you are welcome at Pearle in all stores for a free eye test (worth 3$).

Already glasses? Then have your eyes checked

Do you or your children already wear contact lenses or glasses? Even then it is smart to check your eyes annually. Maybe something has changed in your eye health or your vision, so that your current strength is no longer optimal. Our advice: take that test quickly, then you will quickly have a clear view of whether it is smart to visit us for an eye test.